Pole Dance Crash Mat.

From of the beginning of 2015 POLIMAT have introduced into its offer new product – Pole Dance Crash Mat.
It is a round mat with a hole in the middle, which protects against unforeseen falls and giving safety awareness during performance of difficult acrobatic figures.
This mat is made of strong, easy to clean PVC material.
The bottom of the mat is made of PVC material with anti-slip properties that increase adhesion to the surface.
This mat is also very easy to install, and when it is folded in into four parts is very easy to store.
Strong Velcro fastening each of the four parts of the mat ensures its stability.
Adapting this type of mat to the level of advancement and the kind of acrobatic figures, we offer this product in the following parameters:

  • Diameter: 120 cm or 150 cm.
  • Thickness: 5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm or 14 cm.
  • Foam:

  • thickness of 5 and 8 cm – re-foamed foam 80 kg / m3
  • hickness of 10 and 14 cm – Polyurethane foam 25 kg / m3.

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