Comfort Line

COVER – stitched, made on the top and on the sides of one side coated material PVC. The bottom of the mat made of anti-slip material.
FOAM – highly species, flexible polyurethane, re-foamed foam at four densities:
R-80 kg / m 3, R-100 kg/m3 , R-120 kg/m3 and polyurethane foam T25kg/m3.


  • Corners – 4 pcs – made of PVC material or natural leather (to protect the most vulnerable parts to abrasion of the mats),
  • Hand grips for easy carrying mats.
  • Velcro type connection system with a flap*
  • Velcro type connection system on the corners*

*Both connection systems have a dual purpose : 1. Preventing the movement of the mats. 2. Mats connection to form, create field exercise.
* To allow a perfect adhesion of the mat to each other the corners are not recommended.

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