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Gymnastic mattresses certified TUV and GS compliant with DIN EN 12503-1 Type 3

Our company has received TÜV and GS-Mark in accordance with DIN EN 12503-1 Type 3 guarantees secure and safe exercises cushioning the fall. The new model-made mattresses gymnastics with dimensions 200x100x6 cm, 200x120x6 and 200x125x6 cm cm has a contribution in the form of two foams having different hardness – 3 cm polyethylene foam, and 3 cm secondarily foamed polyurethane foam 120 kg/m3. This combination of two foams perfectly depreciated fall, and at the same time very well protects the leg joints from excessive overload. For the sports market functioning mostly mattresses that meet the standards of the Type 1, which should not be used to jump and do not protect against falls.

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